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Subject (30th SEP ~ 9th OCT) Korea Public Holiday Thanksgiving Day

Thank you for your love always.
Today we make announce on Public holiday of Leekeworld at September.

* Korean Traditional Public Holiday (Thanksgiving day) - CHUSEOK

* Period : 30th SEP ~ 9th OCT 2017

- National Foundation Day (3rd Oct)
- CHUSEOK, Korean thanksgiving day (3rd ~ 6th Oct)
- Hangeul (Korean Language) Proclamation Day (9th Oct)

* These work will be stopped
- Customer Service (Q&A board and email reply)
- Manufacturing and shipping

* Online work would be going on as usual. :D
- Making order on website
- Collect payment through Paypal and Credit card
- Payment confirm

All work will be started on 10th October, Tuesday.